The Matthew Dudgeon Memorial Fund


Welcome to the Matty Fund

     Gina and James Dudgeon have established the Matthew Dudgeon Memorial Fund to raise money for and increased awareness of a devastating group of rare neuro-degenerative diseases. Their child Matthew was seemingly normal until 16 months of age when he was diagnosed with Leigh's Disease, a rare mitochondrial disease. This inherited neuro-metabolic disorder results in rapid, progressive degeneration of the central nervous system (similar to Muscular Dystrophy). Currently, diagnostic testing and treatment options are limited and prognosis is poor - there is no known cure. Fifty percent of children diagnosed with Leigh's disease don't live past their third birthday. On May 12, 2000 after an 11 month battle Matthew lost his fight with this terrible illness. He was 27 months old.

     To honor his memory, Gina and James have established this organization. Their hope is that the funds raised will benefit all mitochondrial-related diseases that effect both adults and children. A portion of the money raised will be donated to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation in Matthew's name. The rest will go into Matthew's fund, where the money will be dispensed to local families caring for terminally/chronically ill children.

     Gina, James, Brian Stephanie, and their family and friends thank you for your time and interest

Matthew at 24 months old.

Our Mission

The Matthew Dudgeon Memorial Fund raises monies and disburses funds to families caring for terminally or chronically ill children.

This Foundation is an IRS registered 501 C(3) not-for-profit charitable organization. All donations made to the Matthew Dudgeon Memorial Foundation are tax deductible.